The best closet corner solutions

The closet in your bedroom is supposed to provide enough space to store everything you think of, but we all know that that’s an unrealistic expectation. All closets have the same troublesome spots that are never used wisely: the corners. Shelving and closet rods don’t fit properly in those spots and it always seems like you are not using the space entirely. If you maximize the space in the closet with closet corner solutions, you will be surprised to see how easy it is to find a solution to your storage problems.

Closet corner solutions: shelves and rods

The easiest closet corner solutions for maximizing the space come in the form of shelves. Installing shelves is the ideal decision for small closet, no matter whether they have closet rods or not. The corner shelves are slightly different than the usual closet shelves – they have a diamond shape that fits perfectly in the corner. The edges are attached to the walls of the corner will triangular-shaped brackets. You can choose from a variety of corner closet shelves in different sizes and materials. You can even order custom-made corner shelves if nothing in the home improvement center works for you. Corner closet rods are also a great solution for maximizing the closet space. These rods have a 90 degree angle, which allows them to fit perfectly in the corner, with no space being lost. The usual closets have a common problem: overlapping rods that make a clutter. This will solve that easily in a neat way and your clothing items will hang from the rod all along the corner, which is a wise way of using the space.

Combining closet corner solutions with shelves

If you never stop halfway and you really want to come to the wisest solution of using the corner space, you should combine the closet corner solutions with regular rods or wall shelving. This is very simple: install the corner closet shelves of your choice and then install regular, but matching shelves on each side. This will increase the storage space in the most efficient way. Another effective way of using the corner space is installing overlapping rods in the corner and installing shelves on the sides. Whatever strategy you choose, one thing will be certain: it will be easier for you to set an order into the closet because you will have much more space available.

Building closet corner solutions

If you have an empty corner in your bedroom, you should definitely use it for building an extra closet using those two walls. This is a very easy do-it-yourself project, but you can order custom closet corner solutions if you are not crafty enough. This closet can be built to fit your needs, so it can feature hanging areas or shelving, whatever you lack the most in your main closet. You can choose the material of the corner closet and make sure it fits with the rest of the interior. If you bring this solution into practice, your wife will finally stop complaining that there isn’t enough space for storing her clothes. Of course, you shouldn’t expect to stop hearing the ‘I have nothing to wear” complaints, because you will probably be hearing those for the rest of your life.

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